[Pdns-users] Backup resolution

Mathew Walker mat at hypermax.net.au
Thu Mar 18 06:07:21 UTC 2004

Hi Guys,

	I want the ability to have a backup MySQL backend server used, in case my 
primary MySQL server goes down.

	In the pdns.conf I can put a fqdn for the mysql-host, ie 
mysql-host=sqlserver.domain.com, but then I have no way
	of having a script on the fly be able to change what sqlserver.domain.com 
resolves to.

	My train of thought is that I can have a monitoring script that runs, if 
it detects that pdns cat resolve a name
	that it should be able to from the sql server, then modify the pdns config 
and then rerun the pdns server.
	Or, is it possible to have multiple mysql-host config directives? ie 

	Any input would be appreciated.


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