[Pdns-users] PTR record

Martin Balint martin-conf at balint.sk
Tue Mar 16 18:24:20 UTC 2004


I have a setup of PowerDNS 2.9.12 + gmysql + PowerAdmin.

Server IP is with name debian.balint.sk

I want to make a erverce record for pointing to debian.balint.sk.

No, I have this:

DNS Admin >> 209.2.81.in-addr.arpa

Name 	                  Type  Content                                    TTL
209.2.81.in-addr.arpa     SOA   debian.balint.sk root at balint.sk 2004031603
209.2.81.in-addr.arpa     NS    debian.balint.sk                          
3600  PTR   debian.balint.sk                          

With this setup, I can do "host" and I get
debian.balint.sk as a result.
But doing "host some.other.ns" I get NOT FOUND.

Is my PTR configuration good?

Thanks, Martin

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