[Pdns-users] MX records

Steven J. Sobol sjsobol at JustThe.net
Wed Jun 23 00:15:25 UTC 2004

On Sun, 20 Jun 2004, Derrik Pates wrote:

> Mike Lanzone wrote:
> > I have run a "mail search" from DNSSTUFF.COM and it tells me that my MX 
> > records need to point to a domain instead of an IP address .
> > How do I correct this in my ".mdb" database ?
> .mdb database? As in, a Microsoft Access database? Well, #1, use MS 
> Access, I guess; #2, I really think you don't want to use MS Access as a 
> backend database for PowerDNS. There are free database engines like 
> MySQL - I think it's actually available for Windows. Just an FYI.

Yes. Access is not an enterprise-class database, and it's not reliable for 
anything besides personal projects, and I bet even Microsoft will tell you 
that. MySQL is available from www.mysql.com and does run on Windows.

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