[Pdns-users] superslave problem

Derrik Pates dpates at dsdk12.net
Thu Jun 17 16:47:14 UTC 2004

a a wrote:
> I have tried to configure a mutual supermaster /
> superslave solution between two servers:
> ns.webbnamn.com aka and
> ns.nauab.info aka
> Right now ns.webbnamn.com is configured as a master
> and slave server, and also has pdns_recursor installed
> to become a fully recursive nameserver as well. This
> nameserver has been running without problems for over
> a year. Manually adding slaves work perfectly, and
> ns.webbnamn.com automatically picks up the changes
> from ns.nauab.info as soon as I manually add
> nauab.info as a SLAVE domain in the domains table. 

Because the server wants to update the SLAVE zone as part of its normal 
update scan.

> However, if I try to delete nauab.info from the
> domains table, and also delete all references to
> nauab.info from the records table, and then add the
> following row in supermasters:
> ('','ns.webbnamn.com',NULL)
> nothing happens. If I have understood the
> documentation correctly I should add the IP address of
> the master, but the DNS-name of the slave
> (ns.webbnamn.com) as nameserver, is this correct?

The triplet in the supermasters table should contain the IP of the 
master server, the name it will use to refer to the slave server, and 
(optionally) an account name for tracking which domains belong to whom.

> I have also tried to add the following to the
> supermasters table at the server ns.nauab.info:
> ('','ns3.webbnamn.com',NULL)
> ('','ns3.webbnamn.com',NULL)
> Nothing happens in this direction either. 

Is the corresponding slave actually listed as an NS for the domains in 
question? Also keep in mind that if the domain isn't updated, the master 
server won't send a NOTIFY for it. If you're running BIND on the master, 
you'll have to restart it to make it issue NOTIFYs for all domains. If 
you're using PowerDNS on the master, something like:

for domain in `mysql -u [user] -p[password] -s -N powerdns -e 'select 
name from domains where type = "MASTER"'` ; do pdns_control notify 
$domain ; done

that'll force it to send NOTIFYs for each domain it's a master for. Also 
keep in mind to look in the logs for any mention of it receiving 
NOTIFYs. You'll need to look there to see what's happening.

Derrik Pates
dpates at dsdk12.net

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