[Pdns-users] soa questions

Ueli Heuer ueli at heuer.org
Wed Jun 30 10:22:11 UTC 2004

Hi pdns user,

a customer from us has set up a domain with a soa serial of 0 (zero).

Pdns has never started a zonetransfer, and in the logfiles pdns writes "zone xyz is fresh". 

as far as I know dns-servers fetches the zones only if the remote serial is bigger then there own copy.  in my case my server does not have the zone in the (Mysql-)DB and it compares a 0 'a database null or no records found' with a 0 (zero).  these are equal and no zone transfers happenes. 

I'm not sure if a SOA-Serial of 0 is allowed or not. If it is, then this a minor bug within Powerdns else I have to teach our customer. 

does anyone know more about that issue ?


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