[Pdns-users] supermasters problem

a a an1235599 at yahoo.se
Wed Jun 16 10:36:13 UTC 2004

I have tried to configure a mutual supermaster /
superslave solution between two servers:
ns.webbnamn.com aka and
ns.nauab.info aka

Right now ns.webbnamn.com is configured as a master
and slave server, and also has pdns_recursor installed
to become a fully recursive nameserver as well. This
nameserver has been running without problems for over
a year. Manually adding slaves work perfectly, and
ns.webbnamn.com automatically picks up the changes
from ns.nauab.info as soon as I manually add
nauab.info as a SLAVE domain in the domains table. 

However, if I try to delete nauab.info from the
domains table, and also delete all references to
nauab.info from the records table, and then add the
following row in supermasters:
nothing happens. If I have understood the
documentation correctly I should add the IP address of
the master, but the DNS-name of the slave
(ns.webbnamn.com) as nameserver, is this correct?

I have also tried to add the following to the
supermasters table at the server ns.nauab.info:

Nothing happens in this direction either. 

Any suggestions?
As I mentioned earlier AXFR transfers work perfectly
if I manually add the slave domain to the domains

Best wishes,
Thomas Höjemo, SNT 

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