[Pdns-users] master slave issue

R Jansen rvhav at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 9 18:58:25 UTC 2004


I can't seem to fix a small problem with the notify function in powerdns
The problem is that the master DNS service is running on an other ip-address 
then the ip-address used for default routing.

For example:

Master dns server contains multiple ip-addressed:


Powerdns is bind to
It contains the following domain:

When I change a record in this domain and increment the serial the master 
server sends a notify to the slave server:

The slave server has the domain configged in slave mode with as 
master ofcourse.

This server however does'nt accept the notify since it is comming from
resulting in following error:
Jun  9 19:49:56 ns3 pdns[64776]: Received NOTIFY for 96.163.62.in-addr.arpa 
from which is not a master

Isn't it possible with powerdns to use a specific source ip-address when 
sending notifies or am I missing something else here?

All help apreciated.

With kind regards,
R. Jansen

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