[Pdns-users] Not authoritave error

Barry Bourdage BBourdage at techpro.com
Thu Jul 8 04:23:57 UTC 2004

I have a windows machine running PDNS 2.9.15, using MYSQL 4.1 as the

I have included part of the logfile.

Why is it adding techpro.local to the request, I have recursion turned
off, until I get some of these little problems resolved.
	 How do I get rid of the error. I looked through the archives,
and seemed to have found a similar situation

PowerDNS is not doing that, somebody else is. 

Thank you Bert,
 I found that the machine I was on, was part of a 2003 windows domain,
and it adds the local domain suffix to all requests. I have not figured
out how to turn it off though.


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