[Pdns-users] create a multiple zones

Harald Kapper hk at kapper.net
Sat Jul 3 01:09:00 UTC 2004

On Thu, 1 Jul 2004 12:01:04 +0700, "Sentono" <sentono at knowledge.or.id> wrote:

>So all I need to do is edit the pdns.conf and input like below ?
>allow-axfr-ips= <-- this is my win2k dns server it's should be
>master right ? because I need all zones and record from this win2k server to
>move to my new pdns server.

above is plain wrong, as you don't want your w2k-server to get the zones from
your new host, but in fact vice-versa. you have to allow zone-transfers at your
w2k-side to your new host (how to configure this I'm the wrong one to ask,

># slave Act as a slave
>slave=on  <-- this is my new pdns server running on linux fedora. 


>Could you please let me know what I must do now ?? I'm confuse now :(
>Is there any configuration from win2k dns server to allow transfer all zones
>To this ip <-- this is my new pdns server 

you have to enlist your new host as NS into your domains running at your
w2k-host. also I'd suggest to configure your w2k-host as super-master in pdns
and finally you shouldn't forget to have some backend running in pdns to store
your zones.

so here comes my suggestion: first make pdns work (eg. you know how to create a
master-zone and handle it), then see how a zone-transfer works from one
nameserver to another, third if you're pretty sure about what you're doing try
to enlist your pdns into your w2k-hosted domains as slave and get those zones
all transferred.


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