[Pdns-users] create a multiple zones

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So all I need to do is edit the pdns.conf and input like below ?

allow-axfr-ips= <-- this is my win2k dns server it's should be
master right ? because I need all zones and record from this win2k server to
move to my new pdns server.

# slave Act as a slave
slave=on  <-- this is my new pdns server running on linux fedora. 

Could you please let me know what I must do now ?? I'm confuse now :(
Is there any configuration from win2k dns server to allow transfer all zones
To this ip <-- this is my new pdns server 

Nb : I'm running active directory in my win2k dns server

Any helps would be appreciate
Thanks :)


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On 06/30/2004 02:29 PM Sentono spoke:
> Hi,
> Is there any tools / trick to create a multiple zones at the same times ?
> I need this tool for help me to migrate all my zones from win2k dns 
> server into pdns servers.
> Any setting that I must do first ?
> I need to immediately move all my 4000++ zones from win2k dns to pdns 
> serves.
> Any helps would be appreciate
> Thanks J

If you make pdns a slave for all you zones, it will do a zone transfer I 

Or you could use zone2sql on all your zone files but I haven't figured 
it out yet.
I think it is documented in the pdns documentation how to migrate.
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