[Pdns-users] start not working, monitor does

Andrew Cockrell andrew at cockrell.ca
Thu Jan 22 07:14:45 UTC 2004

Don't know the status of the bug, but....

Instead of worrying about your SSH Sessions timing out, install screen.
It allows you to start up a virtual screen, run a process within it,
detach from the screen and then logout.  You can then subsequently ssh
back into your box, re-attach to the screen, and your process will still
be there, running, and you can see the output that it's written to the

It's also great if you have a process that logs/dumps info to the
console, want to see the info, but don't want to either (a) mess up your
actual console, or (b) keep a monitor connected.  

---==  Andrew  ==---

On Wed, 2004-01-21 at 22:49, Shawn Mitchell wrote:
> I saw over on the dev list that start doesn't start up the mysql
> connections, but monitor does.
> Does this mean that the bug has been located?
> I know I'm getting tired of keep a few windows open just to keep my auth dns
> servers running.  I'm worried that if any network problems happen and my ssh
> sessions time out, my dns servers will shut down and I'll be with out dns on
> a lot of domains.
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