[Pdns-users] 2000 Primary & Secondary

Andrew Mulholland andy at bash.sh
Thu Jan 15 12:35:36 UTC 2004


On 15 Jan 2004, at 12:22, matt at powderdays.com wrote:

> Hi,
> I have a windows 2000 dedicated server with 2 ip addresses.  Can I 
> configure
> PowerDNS to act as a primary on one of the IP's and a secondary on the 
> other?
> I have probably missed something somewhere along the lines but some 
> pointers
> would be helpful.

doing this would not be a good idea.

The reason for having multiple nameservers, is such that if one (or 
more) are down, or unreachable, the remaining nameserver(s) can still 
respond to queries.

An example of where this would be useful:
ns1.example.com is on the same connection as mail.example.com, which is 
primary mx for example.com and all domains example.com host.

ns2.example.com is in a remote location, and is also configured as 
backup mx for example.com and all domains example.com host.

If the link to ns1 (and thus mail) is broken (broken fiber or big 
poweroutage), mail will be sent to the secondary mx of their domains, 
and ns2.example.com will still be responding to queries etc.

I've known some hosts to give up on mail if the recepient domain 
doesn't resolve for a relatively short amount of time (12hrs is the 
lowest I've seen IIRC), so stuff like as above, is desierable.

If you don't have a second machine, there are plenty of companies who 
offer secondary NS services, and it doesn't cost very much either.



> Cheers
> Matt
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