[Pdns-users] Mysql backend, supermaster / superslave, receving NOTIFY from bind9.2.1 not working

Jeroen Wunnink jeroen at easyhosting.nl
Wed Jan 14 21:24:40 UTC 2004


At 22:19 14-1-2004, Huxley [JAC] wrote:
>I just joined the list :( Where is the pdns-users archive??
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>Subject: Re: [Pdns-users] Mysql backend, supermaster / superslave, 
>receving NOTIFY from bind9.2.1 not working
>Read back a bit on the list, it most likely works, but is suffering from 
>the heavy load bug.., apply the patch on the slave, and I bet it'll work
>(sorry for the empty mail, hit enter too fast)
>At 20:20 14-1-2004, you wrote:
>>Ok, I'm trying to get a clustered setup, allowing my secure10.domain.com, 
>>running my cpanel software, to send a notify, to my nsm.domain.com server,
>>which i want to have 'nsm' build out the dns record file, so other name 
>>servers can update from it.
>>So far, I get to:
>>--(mysql database)---------
>>mysql> select * from domains;
>>| id | name      | master         | last_check | type  | notified_serial 
>>| account |
>>|  4 | brian.com | | NULL | SLAVE |            NULL |         |
>>(end Mysql database)-------------------
>>But it wont retreive the proper information from the named/bind9 server 
>>that it got the notify from:
>>Jan 14 13:05:38 nsm pdns[11209]: Domain brian.com is stale, master serial 
>>2004011400, our serial 0
>>Jan 14 13:05:38 nsm pdns[11209]: 1 slave domain needs checking
>>it just repeats this message over and over.
>>If I delete from domains, it just re-adds itself.
>>Here is my supermasters table:
>>----(mysql supermasters)------------------------
>>mysql> select * from supermasters;
>>| ip             | nameserver              | account |
>>| | secure10.domain.com | NULL    |
>>1 row in set (0.00 sec)
>>I've set named's debugging up high, and it keeps receiving notifys from 
>>this 'nsm' server, but its not pulling the information over and i cant 
>>tell why.
>>named seems to not give out any errors, and my named conf has allow 
>>transfer and also-notify options, pointing to the right server ''
>>Ive read through the docs and searched for 3 days on this issue online, 
>>to no avil.
>>If anyone has any ideas as to how I can allieviate this situation, and 
>>make my secure10 server properly dish out domains to powerdns/mysql, I 
>>would love the help.
>>Thank you in advance!!
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