[Pdns-users] I need some creative thinking...

Etienne Ledoux etienne at unix.za.org
Fri Jan 30 13:37:09 UTC 2004


Recently I've been having fun changing our dns enviroment.

We currently have 4 dns servers. 2 at our main branch (ns1 & ns2) and 1 dns 
server each at our two other branches (ns3 & ns4). We use these nameservers 
as autoritive and recursing dns servers. The last change we made was to bind 
the ip of ns1 to ns3 and ns4 at the remote offices. We also added a static 
route for ns1 to point to either ns3 or ns4 at each branch. ns2 replicated 
the mysql db from ns1 and ns3 and ns4 replicate from ns2 because now they 
cant see ns1 anymore.
This has speeded dns up at our remote branches and removed some load of ns1 at 
hq. everybody was very impressed by this which made me feel good

.... untill I realised I'm now facing a new problem. Not a huge problem. But I 
would need to solve this somehow. Hence I thought I would get some ideas from 
you guys.

ns1 also acts as a master/slave for domains hosted on other dns servers. hence 
this is the only server that accepts slave updates and makes changes to the 
db which is replicated to the other ns servers. Now I have a client connected 
to one of our remote offices. He also has his own dns server and we are setup 
to be slave for his domain. The problem comes in when he makes a change to 
the dns server. our ns1 server will never see the change because it will be 
sending the update to ns1 but ns4 will actually receive it, which is 
configured to not be a slave or master and even if it was, updating the db on 
ns4 will not replicate to the other dns servers. does this make sense ?

I wouldn't like to have to change everything back. So I'm trying to think of 
some creative way to get this working again. 

perhaps you guys have some ideas I can try out ?



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