[Pdns-users] Sending DNS NOTIFY packets - question

Derrik Pates dpates at dsdk12.net
Mon Jan 19 23:41:30 UTC 2004

I decided today that it made sense to make a change to the guts of 
PowerDNS, and have since made the change and put the modified build into 
service. However, I thought I should ask:

The change I made was to, when an update is noted on a zone for which 
notifications are to be sent out, get the SOA data, and if the NS to 
send a notify to is named as the master nameserver in the SOA, it gets 
skipped instead of sending a NOTIFY. This seems to make sense, since 
only the master should be sending NOTIFYs about a zone in the first 
place, and it doesn't need to notify itself - since well, it's where the 
change was made. If anyone else agrees, I'll send a quick patch - the 
necessary additions to do this totaled about 4-5 lines of extra code in 

Derrik Pates
dpates at dsdk12.net

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