[Pdns-users] No transfer starting ?

Jeroen Wunnink jeroen at easyhosting.nl
Mon Jan 12 14:18:36 UTC 2004

Since last week all transfers to the superslave stopped.., it sees that a 
zone needs to be updated, but it doesn't initiate the transfer..

 From the log:

Jan 12 15:22:36 fallback pdns[462]: 26 slave domains need checking
Jan 12 15:22:36 fallback pdns[462]: Domain spijshuisdedis.nl is stale, 
master serial 2004011003, our serial 2003112102
Jan 12 15:22:36 fallback pdns[462]: Domain pannenkoekenhut.nl is stale, 
master serial 2004010603, our serial 2004010601

etc, etc.., this message pops by every 1 or 2 seconds..

I've tried updating to the latest pdns-static-2.9.13-1, to no avail..

Anyone got a suggestion on what might be wrong here ?

Met vriendelijke groet,

Jeroen Wunnink,
EasyHosting B.V. Systeembeheerder
systeembeheer at easyhosting.nl

telefoon:+31 (035) 6285455              Postbus 1332
fax: +31 (035) 6838242                  1200 BH Hilversum


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