[Pdns-users] CPU usage on FreeBSD systems

Starhost.nl - Hoofd elsten at starhost.nl
Sat Jan 10 15:26:54 UTC 2004

Since today PDNS doesn't seem to run as smooth as it did before on at
least 3 FreeBSD ( boxes I know pdns keeps calling MySQL. This causes a
CPU usage of 45.5% for powerdns and a cpu usage of 55.4% for MySQL.
Before is was more like:
2.3% and 10.3%.

When I log into MySQL and ask the status without PDNS running I get:
Total   ø per hour   ø per minute   ø per second
  1,917   94,536.99   1,575.62   26.26

Now when I start PDNS the statistics change to:
Total   ø per hour   ø per minute   ø per second
  68,281   1,781,243.48   29,687.39   494.79

This means PDNS is asking more then 400 SQL (SELECT) query's a minute!!!! This
can't be the way PDNS is designed I suppose. The PDNS versions we are
running are:

PDNS     MYSQL           OS                               Problems?
2.9.12   3.23.58-log     FreeBSD 4.8-release (patched)    Yes
2.9.12   3.23.58-log     FreeBSD 4.9-release (patched)    Yes
2.9.11   4.0.14          FreeBSD 4.8-release (patched)    Yes
2.9.12   4.0.17          Gentoo kernel version 2.4.23     No

Is anyone else having the same issues?


N.P.G. Elsten
Duiker 70               Verkoop:    sales at starhost.nl
1613 AH Grootebroek     Storing:    storing at starhost.nl
Tel.: +31 228 524472    Technische: helpdesk at starhost.nl
Fax.: +31 228 524468    Website:    http://www.starhost.nl

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