[Pdns-users] Best method ns1= PDNS / ns2= BIND [newbie]

webcharge at gmx.net webcharge at gmx.net
Fri Jan 9 18:48:35 UTC 2004

Hello all,

I've successfully installed PDNS / mySQL on my OpenBSD 3.3 (from the 
notorious port by CodeNinja).

As I understood from the docs the easiest method is to have ns1 and ns2 on 
separate servers by letting mySQL do the replication?

My supposed-to-be ns2 server is an (Rackshack) Ensim powered linux machine 
that uses Bind.
I can not substitute Bind with PDNS on that machine but I would like it to 
act as ns2 for me.

As DNS is pretty complicated to me I might ask a stupid question but I was 
wondering if it is possible at all to have an instance of PDNS on the Linux 
machine besides Bind, both on 53? I can't afford to mess up the Bind on the 
Linux machine so that _seems_ the most convenient for me... but I might be 
terribly wrong?

Or should I do the scary thing and have my OpenBSD-PDNS act as a master for 
the Linux-Bind-slave?
And if so wouldn't that interfere with the master-slave structure Rackshack 
has on the machine?

Any directions are appreciated, thank you.


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