[Pdns-users] what's the status on windows support ?

Jimmy Persson pdns at webb.se
Mon Feb 23 19:18:09 UTC 2004

Set up a PayPal account and accept donations from the PowerDNS homepage. Or
better yet... Set up 2 accounts.. One account for Bert & PowerDNS BV and one
for you.. Not making any money for this piece of software is just ... well..
stupid! :D

/Jimmy Persson

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> We got this quote in october last year. What if be bought it back then ?
> It took powerdns more then 3 months to come up with a new windows
> version.

I did the initial Windows port of PowerDNS (that was a payed job) and
now I sometimes update it when I've got time left. You must know that
although I still have a powerdns.com e-mail address I'm not payed to work
on it anymore, so I just can't guarantee new releases and bugfixes.

> What is the windows support at the moment ?
> Does anybody know how many windows production servers run the powerdns
> software ?

The current version still has issues and a lot of them (hopefully all) will
be fixed in 2.9.16, but new bugs keep coming up.

I don't know if there are many people using the Windows version on
servers. I do know that some people want to use it, but because of the bugs
can't. This really frustrates me because I want to deliver a stable port
yet I don't have much time and have to earn some money too.


- Michel Stol

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