[Pdns-users] what's the status on windows support ?

Emiel van Berlo evb at danego.nl
Mon Feb 23 17:56:17 UTC 2004

in the january archive I read this posting.

> We'd love to have more formal support of it, but that very much depends on
> if it would generate any business. Now I understand that there is a
> chicken/egg situation here, but I'd love to see commercial interest into
> supported PowerDNS binaries for windows!
> <<<in answer of a question about the windows support.>>>

At the moment we use the standard microsoft windows 2000 dns.
We want to integrate the dns with our database and powerdns would be perfect 
for this job.

We are looking for a dns server which could run from a database like powerdns,
or a dns server which is easier to manage.
There are a lot of products out there which support management in one way or

We got a quote for a commercial license for powerdns that would cost
us $2500 per year for 101 to 1000 domains.
This is way over our budget for a dns server.

We got this quote in october last year. What if be bought it back then ?
It took powerdns more then 3 months to come up with a new windows version.

The database support is a pro, but at the moment I do not find it realy good value for money.

What is the windows support at the moment ?
Does anybody know how many windows production servers run the powerdns software ?

I need to make a dissision in the next few weeks and if I make one, 
I don't want to change dns servers again for a very long time :)



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