[Pdns-users] Solaris anyone?

Adam Breaux abreaux at domainbank.com
Wed Feb 18 21:39:51 UTC 2004

I have tried using mysql, it works, so does postgresql. I find
postgresql to be faster. 

My setup is a bit peculiar since the data originates in an MSSQL
database which is push-replicated to postgresql, the same setup with
mysql tanked enough times to prove unusable. Why not run the Win32
version of pdns? Response times about 40x slower. I know it's ODBC
overhead, it's just not meant for this sort of setup. Maybe the pdns
developers should look at FreeTDS? It's a native SQL Server protocol and
I think it's GPL.

For some reason, and I have posted about this already, pdns takes a nose
dive pretty often under load. It respawns but that's hardly acceptable.
I'm tired of the core dumps so I am looking for ideas. 

I've spent the whole day just trying to get pdns to configure and build
on solaris 9 x86. So far I can complete ./configure --with-modules=""
but make still bombs. 

My post on 2/9/04 was the last time pdns has stayed up for more than a
few days straight. Maybe I am an exception here but whether it's some
threading problem or whatever, it's not solid. Coming from pure bind
setups on stock FreeBSD installs with uptimes in the YEARS, days of
uptime is less than desirable performance.

Ok, I'm done griping.

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On Wed, 18 Feb 2004, bert hubert wrote:

> On Wed, Feb 18, 2004 at 09:22:29PM +0100, Gabriel Ambuehl wrote:
> > I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one with this problem. The 
> > other people around her keep telling me that it is MySQL that is the

> > weird one of the two...
> PostgreSQL is a bit closer to 'big iron' databases, but MySQL (called 
> 'TheirSQL' by the big iron people) tends to Just Work. I love it.

MySQL's performance and scaleability (sp?) are in a class with big iron.

PostgreSQL is not.  finance.yahoo.com processes on avg. 150 queries per
second.  I've never seen postgreSQL go that high.  The big iron should
be really worried.  There are some free databases out there that just
get it done  and don't require giving your firstborn child to Oracle or
IBM for the "priviledge" to run their database.


Curtis Maurand
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