[Pdns-users] PowerDNS vs UltraDNS??

Mark Bergsma mark at nedworks.org
Sat Feb 14 20:40:17 UTC 2004

Norbert Sendetzky wrote:

> I think, there's one problem currently not solved properly:
> PDNS caches backend queries and whole packets, so the returned answer 
> is probably a packet already sent to another client at a different 
> location - if you don't set query-ttl and cache-ttl to zero.
> For this type of services it would be nice if they could tell PDNS 
> that it shouldn't cache packets or queries from these backends.

Indeed. I already discussed this with Bert, and we may extend 
DNSResourceRecord with a field that tells pdns not to cache the 
specified records.


mark at nedworks.org

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