[Pdns-users] TCP Queries

bert hubert ahu at ds9a.nl
Fri Feb 6 07:06:41 UTC 2004

On Fri, Feb 06, 2004 at 02:18:18AM -0000, AJ McKee wrote:

> Running dig +tcp nmtbmedia.com @a.dns.nmtbmedia.com while having the
> server in monitor mode
> Produces the following output;
> Feb 06 02:07:42 TCP nameserver: Timeout connecting to server

This means that what you specified as recursor is not doing TCP for you. Ie,
you are asking a recursive question which needs to be handed off to the
recursor, which doesn't appear to do TCP/IP.

Look at the 'recursor=' line in your configuration and verify that it is
doing TCP by issuing the dig command above, but with @the-recursor-ip

Good luck!

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