[Pdns-users] request - hide version information for txt version.bind?

sil pdns at oneoddsock.co.uk
Wed Feb 4 12:36:46 UTC 2004

Hi Bert,

bh> On Wed, Feb 04, 2004 at 07:17:59AM -0500, Adam Breaux wrote:
>> Definitely agree with this one. Too much info being given out thru this
>> banner.

bh> Will do before 2.9.16. The default will still proudly display 'PowerDNS' but
bh> hide the version, there will be a feature to hide even that, or spoof in
bh> something.

That sounds ideal!

>>  Perhaps another way would be to allow the user to have an entry in
>>  the DB for a TXT lookup on version.bind and specify whatever they
>>  liked there (I tried this but it didn't seem to work).

bh> We don't do CHAOS zones, that's why this doesn't work.

ok :)

Many Thanks!


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