[Pdns-users] Quick MySQL SOA & ChangeTime Clarification Q

AJ McKee aj.mckee at nmtbmedia.com
Tue Feb 17 00:48:58 UTC 2004

Howdy all,

I am just seeking clarification on the below sentence from the

"The change_date may optionally be updated to the time_t (the number of
seconds since midnight UTC at the start of 1970), and is in that case
used to auto calculate the SOA serial number in case that is

Does this mean, that when I update a domain, I don't need to edit the
content field of the SOA entry for the domain but merely update the
change_date filed with the latest time in second since 1970 and that
will be taken as the serial. If this is the case then should I have any
numbers appear in the content field of the SOA entry?


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