[Pdns-users] how to update al domains automatically on NS2 and NS3

Cemil Degirmenci cd at wavecon.de
Wed Dec 8 13:28:11 UTC 2004

Hi there,

Roeland Buisman wrote:

> In the last year there are many differences between the domains in NS1
> and NS2 and NS3
> NS1 has all the correct settings, but NS2 and 3 do not always have.
> There are missing domains, wrong records etc..
> My question is, how can i manage that i synchronise the two other
> nameservers with NS1. I can do it manually, by changing a record via the
> webadmin, but i guess i should do it by changing a serial or something
> for all domains in Mysql ?

there are many possibilties to do this.
On of them was already mentioned: mysql replication. This is maybe the
best way.

Another is to write a small shellscript, that runs every 5 minutes with
cron and do the following:

for i in `mysql databasename -hhostname -u username -e "SELECT * from
domains"` ; do pdns_control notify $i ; done

The last method is not very good and with many domains your database and
powerdns have every 5 minutes a lot of work - but it works with less

Another way is to use the same Database for all 3 Nameservers. But THIS
is the worst method for your Problem - if the Database is off, you have
some serious problems.

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