[Pdns-users] notified_serial

Harald Kapper hk at kapper.net
Mon Dec 6 16:30:29 UTC 2004

On Sun, 5 Dec 2004 17:19:42 +0300, Andreas Sokov <andreas at j8.com.ru> wrote:

>HELLO, pdns-users.
>Explain to me please about UNSIGNED Serial into SOA records
>AND SIGN INT into domain.notified_serial ?
>How it can be ? at one case u use UNSIGNED at other case - SIGN.
>Can u to do ALL value as UNSIGN ?

this has been discussed before :)

This is bug #5 http://ds9a.nl/cgi-bin/cvstrac/pdns/tktview?tn=5,1 which is
in progress.


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