[Pdns-users] Strange cache (?) Problem

Dominik Dausch maillist at megaspace.de
Thu Dec 16 14:42:32 UTC 2004

Dear Powerdns ML members,

HT> the Problem: I've an A Records (lets say host2.mydom.com) which pdns
HT> translated to IP (queried with dig and nslookup on
HT> differend machines)
HT> This Ip was never inserted into the database for host2.mydom.com

HT> The Problem originated after an A entry like host2.host1.mydom.com was
HT> made (e.g. while A host1.mydom.com -> was
HT> still in the db. A query on host2.host1.mydom.com resulted in
HT>, host1.mydom.com was still Then
HT> host2.host1.mydom.com was deleted from the database and
HT> host2.mydom.com was inserted with Query on host2.mydom.com resulted
HT> surprisingly too in 4x255. If i edit the Ip for host2 e.g. to
HT> everything is fine, right answers on dig and
HT> nslookup, Mysql database always shows the right enties so I thought
HT> it might be a chaching problem, restarted the server,
HT> purged the cache, force-reloded etc. but no effect...

HT> any suggestions how to make pdns translate host2.mydom.com to
HT> ?

HT> PowerDns 2.9.16, Backend: mysql 4.0.16, OS: Debian(Sarge)

Nobody has responded to this mail from 19. august 2004, but now we
have exactly the same problem here. Has anybody had this problem and
resolved it? Is there a bugfix available for this behaviour?

Mit freundlichen GrÌssen
Dominik Dausch                            mailto:maillist at megaspace.de

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