[Pdns-users] Supermasters And Database

Ben Kennedy ben at zygoat.ca
Mon Aug 23 14:20:48 UTC 2004

On 23 8 2004 at 5:57 am -0400, AJ McKee wrote:

>So when I
>add a new domain the app looks up the domain_sequence and adds 1 to it, hey
>presto, the new domainid. This is also more or less the same for the records
>table. So my issue is my records_seq table is gonna be out of sync with the
>records table, I go and add a new domain or a record on a master record, it
>will more than likley overwrite a record that is from the slave zone.

I don't understand; why don't you just do inserts like usual and let the
auto_increment property on the id columns take care of choosing the id,
which you can then obtain from last_insert_id()?

Is there a good reason why you are manually trying to set the id field in
either of those tables?


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