[Pdns-users] Help! Various issues with DNS Settings (Mainly S OA)

Napier James NapierJ at aforbes.co.uk
Fri Aug 20 15:30:57 UTC 2004

Thanks for the info.

This is all getting me very confused, as it appears that the ISP that
ns2.dnsfusion.com is running on is in some way messing with/replying to my

Check out this again

About half way down, look at the 'INFO | Name Server Version' section: "Served by POWERDNS 2.9.16 $Id: packethandler.cc,v 1.24
2004/02/08 10:43:50 ahu Exp $" "Nildram DNSv0.9"

Nildram DNS!!!! Nildram is the ISP that serves ns2!

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On 20 8 2004 at 9:48 am -0400, Napier James wrote:

>You'll have to excuse me if some of my questions are a bit lame,

Bit of a pun there?... 8)

>What is the difference between the Generic MySQL and the  PDNS MySQL

I gather from the docs that the "non-generic" backend is obsolete but for
some reason has a confusingly similar name and is still packaged.  Use
the gmysql one.

>I will be performing replication using  MySQL, so as i understand,
>i only need NATIVE support?


>First i get a WARNING saying that my servers are reporting  different NS
>records. As i said above, the database is now  exactly the same.

I think this is due to the second problem, see below.  The ttl returned
by ns2 is counting down each time, which suggests it has a cached answer
from a different server, while the ttl returned by ns1 is constant (as it
ought to be).

>Second i get a FAIL saying that one of my name servers is  'lame' and is
>answering authoritivly for the zone (this  is ns2.dnsfusion.com) that it
>appears to be complaining  about. What is all that about?

ns2 is not responding authoritatively.  You probably have it configured
as a slave -- don't!  Configure it as a primary, exactly the same as you
have configured ns1.

>Thirdly i get a FAIL saying that my name servers do not  agree on the SOA
>serial. The serial 1092858712 was what i  had listed on ns2.dnsfusion.com
>before i deleted everything  and started again with an exact copy of the
>database from  ns1.dnsfusion.com where the serial is 2004082001. 
>After several restarts, it still does not seem to recognise that i have
>changed the SOA serial to be exactly the same on both servers!

Not quite sure what the deal is here.  However, there are two obvious
things I would check:
- is the local mysql database on ns2 reflecting up to date data?
- if so, are you sure the server is getting data from the db?

>All help is greatly appreciated, and if you are a PHP coder  with PowerDNS
>experience, let me know because i might be  able to put some work your

I am a php/perl coder, and though I am relatively new to pdns (in the
last couple of months), I'm digging it, and working on some similar
integration scripts/tools myself for my systems as well.  Feel free to
get in touch.


Ben Kennedy, chief magician
zygoat creative technical services
613-228-3392 | 1-866-466-4628

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