[Pdns-users] Strange CNAME behavoir

Peter N. Hrebicek lists at embit.info
Thu Aug 5 20:18:19 UTC 2004

Lehel Bernadt wrote:

>The algorithm is the following: if you have a question to the name server 
>([record name] + [type]), the server checks if [record name] has a CNAME 
>entry, and if it does then re-asks the question with the canonical name of 
>[record name].
>So example.com + SOA becomes example.org + SOA.
>The consequence of this behaviour is that if you have a CNAME for [record 
>name], all the other entries for [record name] will be ignored, since the 
>redirection will bypass them.
>If this is not clear enough, you should read the relevant RFCs.
Absolutely clear. But, in my situation, what would be a solution? I'm 
not a friend of CNAMEs anyways, but, as mentioned, in that special case 
i *have* to use a CNAME pointing to example.org.


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