[Pdns-users] caching question

storm at apollo.lv storm at apollo.lv
Fri Aug 27 09:25:46 UTC 2004


I have been playing around with pipe backend and I am 
interested to know if there is a way to remove pdns 
caching 100%... I tried all settings I could find but to 
no avail...


I do not use recursive queries....

But when I quickly do some lookups with 'nslookup' or 
'host' command, I see that it's still caching and the 
backend is not executed (I put an echo in backend prog to 
make sure/check that  the backend is always run... but 
it's not.. pdns is still caching something..)

Or the only solution is to write a real module, as geoip ?

Let me know and thanks in advance!


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