[Pdns-users] Renumber servers (changing isp)

Jimmy Persson pdns at webb.se
Sun Aug 22 21:02:53 UTC 2004


We are going to renumber our servers sometime next week and i want the
transition to go as smoothly as possible. This is what i had planned:

Our current TTL is 86400 (1 day).

Day 0:

Change our SOA values to:
3600  ;Refresh 1 hour
1800  ;Retry 0,5 hour
36000  ;expire 10 hours
3600  ;TTL 1 hour

Day 2:

Move servers, update with new IP addresses and update glue records (glue is
under .info tld because Afilias update their zone every 5 minutes).

Day 4:

Restore SOA values to what they used to be.

Does this seem like a resonable plan? Do you have any suggestions/guides on
how to do this the best way.

Best Regards,

Jimmy Persson

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