[Pdns-users] Weird Recursion problem...

S steph at bbi.co.bw
Wed Aug 11 20:19:20 UTC 2004

HI There,

I'm experiencing some difficulties with PowerDNS not always sending
recursive questions to the recursor, or at least that's what I think is

Everything will work jiggy for a while until PoweDNS just decides not to
resolve certain DNS names. I'm getting this allot with yahoo.com. I then
need to restart pdns_server and this is the reason why I'm thinking it's
not sending the request to the recursor, otherwise I reckon I should
have restarted pdns_recursor. I've also tried to get rid of the normal
powerdns recursor and installed Bind and I'm currently using that as a
recursor for PDNS on one off my DNS servers but it's behaving in the
same way as the installation that's using the native powerdns recursor.
Another thing I can't figure out is why I'm only getting trouble with
some domains from time to time? Yahoo.com for instance will stop
resolving but anything else will work fine. Both my PowerDNS servers are
running from the same Mysql DB and usually when the one stop resolving a
domain the other one does the same. I've now installed a third DNS
server running an installation off BIND as a standalone server which
will work fine 100% of the time. 

I really don't want to move back to Bind since powerDNS made live for me
allot easier, so please share you're wisdom with me and tell me where
I'm being an idiot and give me a good slap will you :)

Kind Regards



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