[Pdns-users] CNAME recursion

Radek Hladik pdns-user.conf at bearbone.twobears.cz
Thu Aug 5 17:20:30 UTC 2004

Hi all,
    I have started using powerdns and I want to ask this question. I 
have a CNAME record pointing to name in other domain (for which we are 
not authoritative)
I.e. www.example.com IN CNAME www.example2.com  (we're authoritative 
only for example.com). If the option skip-cname is set to yes, pdns returns
'www.example.com is cname for www.example2.com'. But if I turn 
skip-cname off pdns returns 'non-exist'. I've found that pdns tries to 
found www.example2.com in it's backends but doesn't try to use recursor 
for it. If I ask for www.example2.com directly then everything is ok. (I 
have recursion allowed).
So I wanna ask is this normal behavior? I can turn skip_cname to yes and 
let the client to do the resolving but I think that the server should do 

Radek Hladik

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