[Pdns-users] huge delay when starting ldap-backend

Piotr Wadas pwadas at jewish.org.pl
Fri Apr 9 11:06:22 UTC 2004


I'm using pdns 2.9.16, debian system, ldap backend (3 threads). I
pdns.conf I specified ldap backend ip/port as I also use
pdns_recursor on, so when user connects my dns server and dns
server must recurse, it asks pdns_recursor at Pdns server
itself is running on eth0 ip address, so I can start pdns_recursor and
pdns_server on the same machine (this is just informational).
ldap I use is openldap 2.1.29.

Problem I have is, that when I start pdns, and it's creating
its ldap-backend connection (threads) it takes about 20 secs. (!)
This is very long and I don't have idea why it takes so much?
After 20secs. pdns answers requests quickly, as expected.
It doesn't matter whether test request is locally resolved or
recursed - until 20secs. expire, pdns doesn't answer at all.

When booting machine, pdns starts before e.g. sendmail, but
when server comes to step which is sendmail starting, pdns still
doesn't serve requests, and sendmail has problem with resolving
it's own hostname. 
Why this happens? What should I do to avoid this?

Another problem is that when pdns is started and functioning, and
I try restart slapd (openldap 2.1.29), it stops and doesn't start.
When I stop pdns, then start openldap (it starts without problems now),
thent start pdns again (and wait damned 20secs.), pdns works without
What causes openldap to failure when starting while pdns is running?
I understand, that when I stop openldap when pdns is running, I cut
connections pdns/ldap, but why this avoids openldap to start? I should
rather expect that pdns fails, and needs to be restarted (20secs.) after
cutting ldap connection, but why openldap cannot start? In other words,
why do I have stop pdns before I start ldap again? I'd rather simply
restart slapd, then restart pdns and be done.

I read many docs about pdns and ldap, but found nothing in this subject,
even no problem report.. I also tried to turn off some pdns options
(guardian, and others) but it didn't help.
Any suggestions?

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