[Pdns-users] Re: PDNS and Windows

ZooN zoon at morphicfields.org
Tue Oct 28 01:59:39 UTC 2003

> Anyone out there using PDNS with Windows that's successfully using CNAME
> and MX records?
 > Patricio Valdes
 > Parava Networks, Inc.

Yes, I have no problems whatsoever using PDNS on windows. :)

More information would be helpful. What goes wrong? Does the server 
respond at all, and if so with what? What backend are you using? How did 
you test?

Initial hint: get hold of the fixed example database since the one in 
the package seems to be corrupt (or was when I downloaded it). As said 
below :

> If it's corrupted you can find a valid one at: 
> http://michel.physos.net/powerdns/powerdns.mdb
> Greetings,
> - Michel Stol

Can you look up A-records?

More info and we'll get that PDNS up and running.

(I am reading this list on a weekly basis only though.)


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