[Pdns-users] Delegations in PDNS

Ryan Baldwin rbaldwin at point2.com
Tue Oct 21 23:21:19 UTC 2003

we're having a problem involving delegations.  On our DNS (Win2K running a compiled version of PDNS 2.9.10, backed of SQL Server) we have a NS record that points to an A record, and the A record points to another DNS server.  Now, on the other dns server, we have a domain with the same name as the "NS" name in the prior DNS server with a "blank" record name.  Here's a (censored for job security) example of what I'm trying to say:
//records table for 'domain.com' domain
[name]                            [type]       [content]                    [ttl]        [prio]        [change_date]
host.sub.domain.com       A            123.456.789.0             3600      0             2003102011
sub.domain.com              NS          host.sub.domain.com  3600      0             2003101616
//Domains table
[name]                            [master]       [last_check]    [type]        [notified_serial]        [account]
sub.domain.com              null              null                 NATIVE     null                         null
//records table
[name]                            [type]       [content]                    [ttl]        [prio]        [change_date]
sub.domain.com              A             111.222.333.444         3600      0             2003101615
If we hit query directly against DNS_SERVER_1 for the NS, it resolves fine:
Default Server:  DEFAULT_SERVER
> server DNS_SERVER_1
Default Server:  DNS_SERVER_1
Address:  555.555.555.5
> set type=ns
> sub.domain.com
Server:  DNS_SERVER_1
Address:  555.555.555.5
Non-authoritative answer:
sub.domain.com  nameserver = host.sub.domain.com
host.sub.domain.com internet address = 123.456.789.0
However, if we try and do the same query against DEFAULT_SERVER (like a Shaw Cable server, or whatever your ISP's default server is), it fails with the message "Can't find sub.domain.com domain. Non-existant domain."
Is this a transfer issue?  It's been like this for a few days now... nothing seems to be working... Can anybody give me any help from this censored example, or is more info required?  I apologise if this email was confusing in any ways, I'm trying to do my best under the cirumstances.  
Any help, any help at all, is incredibly appreciated.

- Ryan Baldwin

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