[Pdns-users] Round Robin DNS Failover under PowerDNS

Ben Merrills ben at griffin.net.uk
Mon Oct 6 08:49:24 UTC 2003

I don't' know if anyone is interested, but I've written a Round Robin
failover DNS updater for PowerDNS (at the moment, only those using MySQL
backend). It's just a simple process with an XML configuration file that
scans groups of servers and waits till the current master times out,
then updates to the next in the list (if it's alive). It will keep doing
this till all possibilities have been exhausted.
On failover or chanveover, dnsmanager can be made to execute a process
or script. I used this to send myself a text when the DNS changeover was
If you find this at all useful, or would like any assistance getting it
working (it's written in .NET so compiles under both Mono and .NET 1.1,
and has been tested on both (release binary compiled under mono), please
email me (bugs_at_xdev.net). Although this version is still in beta,
it's very stable and mostly just lacks good error output for
configuration parsing.
Find the tar and binary at:
Ensure you setup the servers.xml before running the application.
Also, the command line to launch dnsmanager is as follows:
./dnsmanager --config /path/to/servers.xml
Thanks again, hope this is handy to someone else too!
Ben Merrills
Griffin Internet
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