[Pdns-users] 2.9.12 delayed because of bugs in the assembler

bert hubert ahu at ds9a.nl
Thu Oct 2 17:52:08 UTC 2003

Dear PowerDNS users,

The formal release of pdns 2.9.12 is held up by:


Which makes it very hard for me to do a binary release. We'll monitor this
situation for a few days and then try building on another Linux

In the meantime, what will most likely become 2.9.12 is on


   Release rich in features. Work on Verisign oddities, addition of SQLite
   backend, pdns_recursor maturity.

   New features:

     * --version command (requested by Mike Benoit)

     * delegation-only, a Verisign special.

     * Generic SQLite support, by Michel 'Who da man?' Stol.

     * init.d script for pdns_recursor


     * didn't use to work (Norbert Sendetzky)

     * pdns_recursor would try to resolve IP address which to bind to,
       potentially causing chicken/egg problem

     * gpgsql no longer reports as gmysql (Sherwin Daganoto)

     * SRV would not be parsed right from disk (Christof Meerwald)

     * An AXFR from a zone hosted on the LDAP backend no longer transmits
       all the reverse entries too (Norbert Sendetzky)

   Improvements, cleanups:

     * PowerDNS now reports the numerical IP addresses it binds to instead
       of the, possibly, alphanumeric names the operator passed.

     * Removed only-soa hackery (noticed by Norbert Sendetzky)

     * Debian packaging fixes (Wichert Akkerman)

     * Some parameter descriptions were improved.

     * Cleanups by Norbert: getAuth moved to chopOff, arguments::contains
       massive cleanup, more.

Thanks for your patience!

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