[Pdns-users] database structure (records table)

Markus Welsch markus.welsch at suk.de
Sun Nov 30 14:59:15 UTC 2003

> Well, I've written the backend - but I didn't compare different 
> backends (e.g. mysql vs. ldap) for performance.

I think that would be quite interesting though after some tweaking of 
the backend server. So if there is some volunteer, jump in :-)

> Only a few. LDAP is most useful in corporate environments for 
> centralized management, so it serves only 4 domains with ca. 300 
> entries for me. Easy management, stability and failover are more 
> important than serving million of records at maximum speed for a 
> domain hoster.
> But without tests, I wouldn't say the ldapbackend isn't capable to 
> match the speed of a relational database. There is also a chance that 
> it outperforms a RDMS, because LDAP was designed for top read 
> performance at the cost of write performance.

I'm having just a pretty limited knowledge of LDAP currently so I can't 
comment on that one.

> Maybe it would be nice if the do, but that isn't the case in 99,99% of 
> all installations. You also don't set up a mailserver and read SMTP 
> RFCs before.

Unfortunately I have to agree with that; people only tend to read RFCs 
when facing problems. And there are a lot of broken mailservers out ... 
also the MEN & MICE survey for com TLD from February 2003 
(http://www.menandmice.com/6000/61_recent_survey.html) outlines, that 
68,4 % of 5000 randomly chosen .com zones are misconfigured.

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