[Pdns-users] Small survey about PowerDNS use

bert hubert ahu at ds9a.nl
Thu Nov 20 19:29:35 UTC 2003

Dear PowerDNS users,

For a variety of reasons, it is interesting for PowerDNS-the-Company to know
who our users are, and how they use our products. For example, we like to
know which operating systems are most popular, how many installations there
are and how many domains they serve. This will help us determine what
improvements to make and what areas of developments we should focus on.

Because we are Open Source, PowerDNS can be downloaded without filling out
forms or getting a registration code. However, we hope many of you will be
willing to help us figure out who our users are.

I have five questions for you:

1) What operating systems do you run PowerDNS on?
2) How many domains do you serve with PowerDNS? How many records?
3) Which backend(s) do you use?
4) What kind of things would you like to come with PowerDNS? Things like
   management, statistics, pretty user interfaces etc
5) Do you make money using PowerDNS? Ie, do you sell domain services, or
   domains with a web management system etc. Note that we are very happy if
   you make money with PowerDNS.

Answers can be sent to me, we will never ever reveal your name, this is just
about agregate statistics. Feel free to send in answers anonymously.

We're also interested in any other things you might want to tell us.



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