[Pdns-users] Question regarding message in logs.

Jeremy Brooking jeremy at morenet.net.nz
Mon May 5 22:20:54 UTC 2003


Just a quick question, I was wondering what this line in the logs means.

May 06 10:28:37 Authoritative empty NO ERROR to for
'30.185.210.in-addr.arpa' (#251), other types do exist

I have pdns running as a dummy backend to 4 dns servers (2 primary 2
secondary... 2 of which run bind, 2 of which run djbdns). This message
only appears when the 2 bind servers attempt to do a zone transfer
(update) from pdns. The zone transfer succeeds, but I am just checking
here, whether this is a error message, and whether this is something
that needs looking into.

Any information regarding the meaning of this message is greatly

Jeremy Brooking

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