[Pdns-users] Windows DB Re-connect

Michel Stol michel at powerdns.com
Thu Mar 20 12:15:33 UTC 2003


>I've run into a problem where if the database is connected and I have X
>threads running, and kill a couple of them or create an artificial network
>problem that causes a disconnect, PDNS will die (but still listening on the
>sockets). I would assume that PDNS should keep trying to reconnect to the

I agree with Bert here on your test method.

>Other than this issue, are there any other known problems with the Windows
>port? Is the Windows port stable?

I think it is, there were however some reports of a memory leak in the ODBC backend, but I'm sure the new Generic 
ODBC backend doesn't leak (I payed extra attention to that when writing it from scratch).

The Windows version hasn't been tested very thoroughly though. Partly because of lack of time on my side and partly 
because the lack of usage reports from people who are using it.

If you want stability, go with the linux version. If you want a stable Windows version then test it and send complete 
reports of problems you might encounter to this list.


- Michel Stol

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