[Pdns-users] rule breaking reverse

Tony Faoro tmf at adtaq.com
Wed Mar 26 10:51:00 UTC 2003

I had this working before on another machine who's hard drive has since

Mar 26 02:42:37 hostname pdns[622]: Not authoritative for '18.16-', sending servfail to

What is the proper syntax to get reverse working for the subnet I've been
forwarded in a mysql db? Currently I have the following entry:

| 28 |         2 | 18.16- | PTR  |  hostname.box.com                |   120

I've also tried a traditional '' entry with no
luck. Do I need a SOA entry for my reversing IP's ? How would that be
formatted if so?

Thanks a bunch for any info, and keep up the good work with PowerDNS :)

Tony Faoro
tmf at adtaq dot com
425.444.8787 VOICE
800.861.1834 FAX

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