[Pdns-users] Fancy-records and urlredirector

Dean Mills misterd at shaw.ca
Thu Jun 12 01:24:18 UTC 2003

Hi Dan,

> >Apache bound to on the PDNS server and using mod_rewrite or
> <snip> but if you bind Apache to listen on nothing will work
> since the http-request from the internet is not recieved on the
> 'loopback' interface..<snip>

True, but I thought that PDNS would, if setup to process fancy records and
has an urlredirector setup, pass along the http-request to the url
which would be bound on the loopback so as not to recieve any internet
traffic directly, but only URL requests from PDNS. If that's not what
then I guess I both screwed and wrong! :)

> Im not sure if you can make it work with mod_rewrite.. You have
> to look into the database everytime someone requests a domainname..
> Pesonally we use a PHP script to do the trick..<snip>

That would work fine, except I have 10 servers behind the PDNS server, and
no way to determine which server should recieve the request in the first
so it will (and does) die at the PDNS server. I have A records for all the
domains I host, just no way to point them at their respective servers.
My setup is like so...

x.x.x.x (Internet IP)
PDNS_1 (PDNS Server)
WWW_1 - (needs to answer for www.domain1.com, www.another1.com,
WWW_2 - (needs to answer for www.domain2.com,
www.stillanother.com, etc)
WWW_10 - (needs to answer for www.domain10.com,
www.yetanotherdomain.com, etc)

So if an http-request is recieved by PDNS_1 on it's internet interface for
www.domain2.com, I need it to be able to forward on the request to the
machine, WWW_2 in this case. Simple port-forwarding won't work, and the
IP's of the WWW_* machine's make for very bad A records :) I can only think
if the urlredirector will work the way I imagine it, I can either use Apache
write a little lightwieght app to do the proper routing behind the PDNS
server for me.
If it doesn't, I guess I'm up the proverbial creek, but I can't help
thinking that
I can't be the only one who's ever needed to do this. Or perhaps it's simply
network setup/topology is all wrong for what I'm trying to accomplish.
Thanks for the
script though, I might be able to adapt it to work from the PDNS server, who
knows! :)


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