[Pdns-users] Can anyone help me

Marco Broeken marco at broeken.nl
Fri Jun 27 10:04:51 UTC 2003

I am running 2 powerdns server's, alle working just fine
but here's the problem, when i want to check my root domain if my domain
is allright
nameserver check this link
all domains on the dns server respond ok, behalv of my own domain....
errors=1, warnings=0, informational=0	 
* domein broeken.nl.	 
* nameserver ns1.broeken.nl./	 
E server onbereikbaar of timeout (status: 'query timed out')	 
* nameserver ns2.broeken.nl./	
Marco Broeken
Broeken Automatisering

Calandstraat 88 K
3125 BB Schiedam
Tel:  010 4450658
Fax: 010 4450644
http://www.broeken.nl <http://www.broeken.nl/> 

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