[Pdns-users] migrating from bind

Craig Sanders cas at taz.net.au
Sat Jun 14 08:28:47 UTC 2003

please CC: any replies to me as i am not yet subscribed to this list.

i'm seriously considering migrating at least some of my DNS servers from
bind to powerdns.  one of the zones i secondary (relays.osirusoft.com)
chews up an enormous amount of memory, and i can see the potential 
for pdns to reduce that memory usage by 200MB or more.

i don't want to store such a huge zone in postgres or mysql (updates will be
too slow and inherently non-atomic), and using the bind or bind2 backend uses
up about as much memory as running bind itself does.  so, my best guess from
scanning the docs is that the XDB back-end is the right tool for this job.

unfortunately, the XDB back-end is essentially undocumented.  anyone know where
i can find some docs for it?  with docs, i can write a zone2tdb tool (possibly
based on zone2sql)  that takes a bind zonefile as input and creates a tdb
output file.


PS: has anyone else noticed that the bind and bind2 back-ends are case
sensitive?  "IN A" records work, but "IN a" or "in a" don't.  i guess that it's
case sensitive for other record types too but didn't bother testing, i just
cleaned up my zone file by writing a tiny sed script that uppercased all record

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