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Wed Jul 30 19:30:49 UTC 2003

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On Wed, 30 Jul 2003, Günter Weber wrote:

> If i do the same on * with bla it looks like this
> select content,ttl,prio,type,domain_id,name from records where
> name=''
> select content,ttl,prio,type,domain_id,name from records where
> name='*'

>I don't remember whether the asterisk works as a wildcard in MySQL,
>but the percent sign definitely does; try using instead.
>But you'd also have to hack the gmysql backend to do name LIKE
>- which would work fine.

>name like 'abc.def.g' only matches 'abc.def.g' (case insensitive)
>name like '%.def.g' matches any subdomain of def.g.

The entry in the record table ist * because this is the
wildcardentry for a domain (rfc haumichblau) and has nothing to do with
the wildcard of mysql, which would heavily decrease the performance by
the way ;)

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