[Pdns-users] Recused by Recursion

bert hubert ahu at ds9a.nl
Mon Jul 28 17:38:36 UTC 2003

On Sun, Jul 27, 2003 at 06:07:45PM -0500, Hormel wrote:

> I've narrowed it down to a communications issue between pdns and pdns_recursor. 
> if I fire up the recursor (with daemon=no and trace on, local-port=5300,
> local-address=box's ip address) then manually telnet to that port from
> another box, I can see the connection in the recursor's debug window.

Can you set allow-recursion to and retest?

> config options of 
> ./configure --enable-pdns_server --enable-recursor --with-modules="gmysql"  
> I've recompiled twice (first time I had it set to build static binaries with 
> --enable-static-binaries, I wanted to make it wasn't an issue). 

It may be related to Sparc.

Good luck.

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